S.A.F.E. Staying Accident Free Everyday

Ensuring our teams return home from work safely each day—healthy, whole and uninjured—is the heart of our S.A.F.E. program’s objectives.  At 百家乐软件, “S.A.F.E.” literally means “Staying Accident-Free, Every day.”

Our vision of construction site safety is represented by a single word—ZERO. For us, “ZERO” reflects our position that no accident is acceptable, and each accident is preventable.

The features of S.A.F.E. include:

  • Safety Leadership: A company’s safety culture is as strong as it is deep—at 百家乐软件, the implementation of our S.A.F.E. program begins with the commitment of our senior management team to safety and the empowerment of each project team member to place a site’s safety environment above all else. We have over 20 dedicated safety professionals implementing our plans across our projects in all regions.
  • Jobsite Gym: Our daily safety stretch program. These morning warm-up routines, hosted at each job site, help eliminate musculoskeletal injuries.
  • Subcontractor Integration into Safety Culture: Integrating the subcontractor workforce into the 百家乐软件 safety culture, through project-specific incentive programs and customized, 10-hour training programs, assists in mitigating subcontractor risk.
  • “Nothing Hits the Ground”: This policy is an important feature of Lean construction management, among many, that 百家乐软件 has embraced. It requires all construction materials, when delivered to the site, to be on racks, pallets or wheels, allowing for easy mobility.
  • Technology for Jobsite Safety: Using Predictive Solutions, our safety auditing mechanism, allows us to anticipate—and avoid—jobsite incidents by identifying and analyzing leading indicator data.